Congratulations to recent alumni on their success in the “On the Road” Macao Youth Film Festival at Passion Cinematheque. Nº001605 directed by Ella Lo and 409.9 MHz directed by Kyla Liang were selected to screen in this festival representing the best of recent local Macao productions. We wish these filmmakers and recent graduates continued success as they share their work with new audiences.


羅雅盈 / 澳門 / 2023 / 37分鐘



“The more indifferent the world becomes, the more crucial it is to protect rare innocence.”

This is a story set in the 1990s about a taxi driver named PangDa who lives a mundane and mechanical life. One day, a friend entrusts his daughter, SamTong, to PangDa’s care. Through their growing relationship, PangDa is gradually infected by SamTong’s pure innocence.

《409.9 MHz》

梁凱淇 / 澳門 / 2023 / 13分鐘

夜間保安 Vincent 的對講機的頻率是 409.9MHz,頻率與的其他人不同,彼此聽不清對方的聲音。他的保安廳在工廠的對岸,每天晚上,他都會用對講機聽夜間電台。

Vincent, the night guard in a factory, has a interphone frequency of 409.9MHz, which was different from the rest of the team, and each of them cannot hear each other clearly. His booth was on the other side of the factory, and he listened to the night station on the interphone everyday during the night time.