The Creative Media Lab is comprised of a number of purpose built rooms designed to meet the wide variety of needs involved in creative production. There are two workshop classrooms that serve as meeting rooms for classes and guest speakers. There is an audio room equipped for voice-over or podcast recording and a number of smaller editing suites which allow for focused work outside of the classroom. The computer resources of the lab consist of 30 Apple Workstations w/Adobe CC 2019, 3 Apple Workstations w/ Final Cut Pro 3, and a Color Correction Suite.


Audio Recording Room

This room is designed for recording interviews, voice-over, and other such audio recording needs.


Workshop Classrooms

These classrooms host a variety of courses on animation and video production.


Editing Suites

These rooms provided dedicated spaces for post-production.

The Creative Media Lab has a variety of equipment that can be checked out by students currently enrolled in relevant courses offered by the Department of Communication. This equipment is allocated per course and is outlined in the pdf linked above.