Course Instructors

Benjamin Kidder Hodges
Benjamin Kidder HodgesAssistant Professor
Prof. Hodges joined the Department of Communication after studying Anthropology and teaching 3d animation. He teaches courses in video production and digital media.
LOK Chu Kwan, Hugo 駱 柱 君
LOK Chu Kwan, Hugo 駱 柱 君Senior Instructor
Hugo Lok teaches photography and documentary courses influenced by his own practice as a photographer and filmmaker.
Mike Weng Fong, AO IEONG
Mike Weng Fong, AO IEONGInstructor
Mike Weng Fong, AO IEONG is a filmmaker and creative from Macao with years of experience as a film director and cinematographer.
Christina Kuok
Christina KuokPart-Time Instructor
Christina Kuok is an alumni of the Department of Communication that went on to earn her MFA in animation at Baptist University in Hong Kong. She now shares this experience in teaching courses on both 2d and 3d animation.

Creative Media Lab Staff

LAI Kuong Weng, Jeff
LAI Kuong Weng, JeffLab Supervisor
Jeff joined the Creative Media Lab after years working at TDM, Macao’s longest running television station. He draws on this experience in helping to manage our lab.
NG Ying Lung, Eliot 吳 英 龍
NG Ying Lung, Eliot 吳 英 龍Admin. Technician
Mr. Ng has been with the Department of Communication from its earliest moments. He helps manage equipment, the lab, and student equipment checkout.