On Friday, December 6th at 7pm in the Student Union Theatre, there will be a screening of 5 short films produced in the Dept. of Communication’s Video Workshop course.

The theme for this film screening is “adaptation.” Each film is a film adaptation that began with an initial inspiration from an existing story, news item or work of art. The productions then adapted this starting point into original short films that deal with complex subjects from relationships to larger contemporary social issues.

The characters featured in these creative short films are also all learning to adapt to a new landscape and reflect a new generation’s anxieties and concerns.

Come out and enjoy the show!

All of the films can be seen here on YouTube, https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5VDUJ3aiuuNcJ14HnFXrmqXOBxdg1FK_

126日週五晚上7點,在E31學生會劇院將放映5部微電影! 這些短片來自傳播系的攝影工作坊課程。


 創作者們以此為出發點,拍攝原創短片。 影片涉及到了從人與人之間的關係,到更大層面的當代社會問題。