Students in the 4th year Video Workshop I course have produced 9 short films around the theme of “Macau, Migration and Mobilities.” They will screen from 6pm-9pm in the Student Union Theatre (E31) on November 30th. Each film addresses issues around the experience of immigrating to Macao and finding a way to move around and integrate into the city.

Title: KITE / 風箏

Film Description:

The film, KITE tells the story of Jiale and her struggles with her controlling mother. Like a floating kite, Jiale’s mother keeps pulling her back down to earth. Behind Jiale’s troubles, are the previous struggles of her mother. What once happened to the mother is now happening to the daughter. Jiale’s controlled life is the continuation of the broken relationship between her mother and grandmother. This film is a reflection on the relationship between these three generations.


Title: Escape / 逃

Film Description:

In the late 1990s, a couple from mainland China fled to Macao due to family conflicts with their parents and social policies at the time. A pregnant wife came to Macao alone to give birth and raise her baby. However, as the children grow up, the intergenerational conflict between children and parents reappears in the absence of family education and communication. Is the answer to escape again?


Title: Two / 貳鄉人 

Film Description:

Born and raised in the rural area of Guangdong, Wei, together with his son Tong Tong, embarked on the journey to his deceased wife’s hometown, Macau. In the lavish city of Macau, outsiders like them are an insignificant speck of dust, quietly swept away in the darkest and narrowest corner. They struggled and muddled through, just for a chance that someday they will be accepted by this city.


Title: Nowhere To Go / 旱地烏龜

Film Description:

Under the strict daily control of her mother, Betty chose to run away from home in an attempt to seek temporary freedom. At the same time, a young man, Lloyd also escaped to Macau. Their similar childhood experiences let two lonely people who come from different cities gradually get close to each other. In this strange city, they accompany each other, indulge together, struggle in confusion and despair, and then compromise. 

在母親日復一日嚴苛的管控下,女孩選擇離家出走,來試圖尋求短暫的自由;與此同時,逃亡途中的男人也來到了澳門。相似的成長經歷,意外地讓兩個孤單的「異鄉人」慢慢靠近。在這座陌生小城裡,他們相互陪伴,在迷惘和絕望中放縱、掙扎,然後妥協… …

Title: There is no alternative / 別無選擇

Film Description:

There is no alternative is a reference to the classic line and style of Margaret Thatcher, the  “Iron Lady,” which represents stubbornness and the will to “never compromise.”

The main conflict is between a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, who are from mainland and Hong Kong respectively. Their values and lifestyles are essentially antithetical. Macau is a place of  balanced compromise, where Chinese and Western culture coexist; but the two have come to Macau without knowing how to concede, which compels their son and husband Tai Man to be caught in a family dilemma and leaves him with no alternative.

「別無選擇」,來自「鐵娘子」撒切爾夫人的經典台詞及作風「There Is No Alternative」,意味著頑固,絕不妥協。片中的主要矛盾為奶奶劉芷蘭和新抱羅永晴之間,相差甚遠的價值觀及生活方式所產生的衝突,兩者分別來自大陸和香港,來到澳門這個「折衷之地」的時候,卻從不懂得「妥協」,凡事絕不讓步,使甲之兒子,乙之丈夫陳大文陷入家庭鬧劇,最終使他「別無選擇」。

Title: Swing / 鞦韆

Film Description:

Carson and Nicole initially met through playing online games together, and then they became close friends who talked about everything. However, what they don’t know is that they are classmates in real life. After working on a group project together, they get to know each other, become friends in real life and soon fall in love; but eventually they come into conflict due to their different values and goals for the future.


Title: Anonymous / 匿名

Film Description:

Joe is a college student living an ordinary life, however, one thing makes him feel different and unaccepted by the world. The difference is that he likes boys, which makes him ostracized from the society in which he lives. Hao, a bright and handsome student at the same university, has his own secret. However, he does not dare to reveal his secret not even once. An encounter on the Internet allowed both of them to reveal their hearts to each other in an anonymous way. The anonymity of the online world is an island. What is the story when their anonymous secrets are exposed in real life?


Title: Neon Lights / 霓虹燈

Film Description:

Zhihao grew up with divorced parents. When he was younger, his only escape was spending time with his tutor. Many years later, Zhihao cross-paths with his tutor who is now his university professor. On the surface she seems happily married, but underneath the façade she’s a victim of domestic violence from her husband.  When the two are together, they fill the vacancy in each other’s hearts.


Title: Lovers / 戀人

Film Description:

The plot involves the love story of Amy, a rural girl who immigrates to Macau. Amy and Paul grow up in a rural area of Mainland China, and marry each other following their parents’ arrangements. The lovers move to Macau to pursue a bright future after getting married; however, Paul focuses too much on his career, which makes Amy feel empty. She meets a woman named Jackie, and her mood changes.

Because of the traditional upbringing she experienced in the Mainland, Amy has been suppressing her true feelings. The change in her environment has changed her mental journey.


Workshop I screening