Congratulations to the directors and teams behind “Dice” and “Only Him” on their awards of 1st and 3rd place in the 6th National College Student Art Exhibition held in Chengdu from May 6th to 13th. This annual event takes place in a different province each year and brings together student work from across mainland China, Hong Kong SAR and Macao SAR.

These two unique films were produced in the Video Workshop I course during the fall semester of 2020. Both films deal with the difficult theme of school bullying.  Their original stories challenge audiences to confront the tragedy of abuse in schools. Credit goes to all of the actors and student teams behind these films.

Dice / 壹乘陸

Director: Katelyn
Associate Director: Hermia
Producer: Suki
Director of Photography: Roy
Assistant Camera: Wilson and Eric
Story: Katelyn, Roy, Barry, Hermia, Suki, Tyson and Raymond
Sound: John and Tyson
Gaffer: Larry and Edward
Art Designer: Barry
Make-Up: Tiffany
Assistant Editor: Roy, Hermia, Suki, Tyson, and Raymond
Colorist: Blue

Only Him / 唯他

Director: Andy
Assistant Director: Koey
2nd Assistant Director: Hilda
Camera: Charlie
Editor: Charlie
Producers: Koey, Fish and Ruby
Screenwriter: Luke and Andy
Gaffers: Charlie, Andy, Momo, Jason, Larry, Johnson and Dick
Sound: Lily
Production Designer: Fish and Josefina
Transportation: Luke
Clapper: Noya and Josefina
Makeup: Noya
Photographer: Benny