For the UM Open Day 2024 on Jan 14th from 11:00-17:00 the Creative Media Lab will be open for the public as part of the FSS activities. The public is welcome to come and see the facilities available to our students and faculty.

In addition to access to the lab’s workshops and studios, guests will also be able to see recent student work. Five films will screen starting from 14:00 at G016 in E21.

1) After the Tunnel / 隧道以後 directed by Ivy, WONG HOI I

Do you regret having me?

A daughter’s accidental pregnancy, facing her mother’s question, she chooses to escape. It’s like running into a long, dark tunnel, she recalled the first embrace under the late light.



2) Nº001605 directed by Ella, Lo Nga Ieng

“The more indifferent the world becomes, the more crucial it is to protect rare innocence.”

This is a story set in the 1990s about a bored taxi driver named Panda who lives like a robot every day. One day, a friend entrusts his daughter, Sam Tong, to Panda’s care. Through the relationship between the two, Panda is gradually influenced by Sam Tong’s innocence.



3) XXIII / 廿三 directed by Michelle, Lao Hio Teng

Cloud Intelligence Company is committed to developing memory delivery services in the new world. No.23, a robot memory-courier, encounters special customers when delivering their memories. Therefore, No.23 begins to feel gradually that he has ‘human emotions.’ One day, an unintentional encounter leads him to discover an astonishing truth…


4) One Day That Day / 有一天,那一天 directed by Angie, Wong Cheng I

An elderly old man has been running a waffle stall in one place for half a century and the big tree that shades him has witnessed his changes and those of the city. One day, the presence of a male student reminded the old man of a special time in the past, as well as some promises that turned out to be regrets.


5) Two / 貳鄉人 directed by Johnson, Chan Chon Sin

Born and raised in the rural area of Guangdong, Wei, together with his son Tong Tong, embarked on the journey to his deceased wife’s hometown, Macau. In the lavish city of Macau, outsiders like them are an insignificant speck of dust, quietly swept away in the darkest and narrowest corner. They struggled and muddled through, just for a chance that someday they will be accepted by this city.


Open Day 2024 FSS
Open Day 2024