Creative Media students in the 4th year Video Workshop I course have produced 7 short films around the theme of “The Mundane and the Uncanny.” They will screen from 7pm-10pm in the Student Union Theatre (E31) on Thursday November 24th. Each film explores a different genre and creative ways of thinking about the ways fantasy can influence our everyday lives. The films touch on topics important to this new generation from the stresses of the pandemic, aspirations for creative work and economic pressures.

All are welcome to come out and enjoy this free public screening on the UM campus.

Title: Leave it tomorrow / 明天再說

Film Description:

The film, Leave it Tomorrow tells the story of a world where careers are determined by an ‘omniscient god.’ The heroine and her friends are dissatisfied with their assigned jobs and rebel against their fate. The film uses hyperbole and silly humorous expressions to explore the problem of ‘hollow disease’ that many young people face. These young people lack the values that support their sense of meaning and existence, and feel very confused about their lives and don’t know what they are going to do. In this film, the ‘omniscient god’ symbolizes invisible social norms and pressures. With the encouragement of her friends, our heroine finally decides to confront the “omniscient god” and set out to find meaning and value in her life.


Title: XXIII / 廿三

Film Description:

Cloud Intelligence Company is committed to developing memory delivery services in the new world. No.23, a robot memory-courier, encounters special customers when delivering their memories. Therefore, No.23 begins to feel gradually that he has ‘human emotions.’ One day, an unintentional encounter leads him to discover an astonishing truth…


Title: Tantalus / 坦塔羅斯

Film Description:

Inspired by the Greek mythological figure Tantalus, this story is about a man who wakes up and finds himself trapped in a small dark room with an iron gate. He tries everything to escape from this room until one day, a box appears at the gate.


Title: The Lumberjack and the Woodpecker / 伐木工與啄木鳥

When the tree falls, the lumberjack and the woodpecker are calling out to each other. Jack is a young man who values his musical dream more than anything but after tremendous changes happen in his life, the cruelty of reality and past mistakes start catching up with him. His so called ‘dreams’ may just be a figment in disguise, covering his neglect and vanity. “Would it be enough if we change, even though it may be too late?” is the question that Jack has been pondering this summer.


Title: Sduck / 鴨溺

What is the best representation of identity? Is it an identity card? Or a favorite hometown dish?
If the prosperous city is attractive enough, will the lifelong hometown fail to be one’s inner sustenance?
A rubber duck goes viral in the city, which becomes the symbol of ‘fitting in’ for Candy, a newcomer to Macau.
A Macau resident that never lives in Macau; a trend that is never taken seriously; a show that never entertains its audience.
To be an outsider who watches the carnival of others, or to be an insider who is immersed in the sea of recognition.


Title: Stray / 迷逃

Tzu-Cian is a girl whose parents have died and has been bullied by her peers. She isn’t satisfied with life, so she wants to run away from this painful world. One day, she gets a chance to join ‘the World,’ a stress-free place where people only need to do the same thing repeatedly every day. Tzu-Cian meets some nice friends and has an easy, no pressure life in ‘the World;’ however, she also finds out that something is weird in this place. ‘The World’ is not as good as she thought. So, will Tzu-Cian keep staying in this chill and stress-free world, or will she go back to her unsatisfied real life?

主角郭子芊因為缺乏雙親的溫暖、和朋輩不愉快的相處和生活的不如意,令到她很想逃離這個滿是傷痕的世界。偶爾一次機會,阿芊進入到一個沒有煩惱,每天只需要做輕鬆簡單事情的地方 —「世界」。在「世界」裏,她亦認識了非常友善的好朋友,過著每日只需做重複事情的生活,但慢慢她亦發現這個「 世界」的人和事都非常奇怪。那麼阿芊到底會選擇留在輕鬆愉快的「世界」,還是回去過處處碰壁的生活?

Title: He wasn’t you / 迴

Jessica is an ordinary herbal tea shop employee on the surface. Behind the scenes she is also a little-known profession – a professional third party who intervenes in other people’s relationships. She works to make a good excuse for those looking to betray their partners. Jessica mistook Ken for a target at work and gradually falls in love with his charm.


Workshop 2022 film screening