The Department of Communication at the University of Macau will host a screening of the Video Workshop II student films on April 27th, at 6pm in the Student Activity Centre Theatre (E31). These 8 short films are produced by students in the Dept. of Communication specializing in Creative Media. 

Video Workshop II is a capstone course that is designed to challenge students to think critically and creatively through the hands-on experience of making their own short films.  The theme for this semester is “Co-creation.” Co-creation is a concept that involves working creatively with technologies from AI to older media. It also involves collaborating with people, spaces and material culture during the production process.

Each one of these original short films also importantly addresses issues and concerns important to this new generation of filmmakers, from the pressures they face after graduation to care for friends and the impacts of new technologies.


“The more indifferent the world becomes, the more crucial it is to protect rare innocence.”

This is a story set in the 1990s about a bored taxi driver named Panda who lives like a robot every day. One day, a friend entrusts his daughter, Sam Tong, to Panda’s care. Through the relationship between the two, Panda is gradually influenced by Sam Tong’s innocence.



side b / 反面

Relationships between people are like the roots of trees, intertwined yet growing differently: different directions, different paces and different lengths. If a person decides to cut off contact with us, would it be as simple as on the internet where we can just ghost people without remorse? Some move on with their lives, some get stuck in the moment. Some search for a glimpse of a sign and some leave a message behind on side b.


Light up the sky / 藍白知己

Due to the rapid development of society air pollution is very serious, which brings uncontrollable diseases to human beings. Even the blue sky can no longer be seen – the sky is gray. Therefore, ‘Blue’ became obsessed with blue, and tried to use her own method to reproduce the blue sky in her memory.

In everyday life, have you ever seen people trying to do something for the environment? Or you haven’t paid any attention? Would you look at them differently? If it were you, would you want to join them and try to do something for nature, or just let nature be destroyed?

由於社會急速發展,導致空氣污染嚴重,為人類帶來不可抵抗的嚴重疾病,甚至再也看不到蔚藍的天空 – 天空為灰色。女主亦因此迷戀上藍色,並試圖用自己的方法再重現出回憶中的那個蔚藍色的天空。


Wherever you are / 不期而遇

A thief addicted to collecting old things ‘accidentally’ gets a hold of a pocket watch that grants her the ability to travel through time. In the blink of an eye, she travels back to the 90s. When the owner of the pocket watch catches up the two crossed paths and an unexpected story of their time traveling adventure unfolds.


Right Now

In this busy metropolis of Macao, you meet many different people every day. Do you know if you will ever meet them again? A girl accidentally discovers that she can see the number of times she will meet people again. What will she do? Will she work hard to cherish every meeting? What would you do if it were you?


One Way To be a Scriptwriter / 一個劇本的誕生

An unemployed former gambling industry worker, who has been struggling to find new job opportunities, stumbles upon a black market product called Echo AI. He manages to secure a job as a screenwriter, but soon realizes that his work is becoming repetitive. With the government passing a bill on AI, he is asked to write a story on the topic. As flyers flood his home and neighborhood, he feels uncertain and turns to Echo AI for help. He is, however, asked to input his personal story, leaving him conflicted and unsure of how to face the rapidly evolving AI trend and his own potential obsolescence.

一個失業的前博彩從業員,不斷尋找新的職業機會,但屢次碰壁。他意外獲得一個名叫 Echo AI 的黑市產品,並成功地獲得了一份編劇工作。然而,逐漸地他的作品開始出現重複的元素。一天,他收到任務要求他寫有關 AI 的故事,因為政府通過了有關 AI 引進的法案。他的家和鄰居都被傳單淹沒,因為 AI 正在迅速地改變社會和經濟。他感到不安,並向 Echo AI 尋求幫助,但被要求輸入自己的個人故事。他陷入糾結,不知道應該如何面對這個未知的 AI 風潮,也擔心自己將被二次淘汰。

Inframe / 定格

The bouquet is fake, the funeral is fake, only death is real.
Misfortune is like the tail of a meteor across the sky,
the young woman can only secretly lament the un